About club

Our club is an independent noncommercial organization Sports club "Citi-Go-Sun".

The Head of the Aikido Aikikai Club "Citi-Go-Sun" is Dovgal Stanislav Sergeevich - II Dan Aikido Aikikai.

The technical adviser of the club - Franck Noel , VII Dan Aikido Aikikai, France (FFAAA).

The club is included into Moscow Federation Aikido Aikikai (MFAA) which is one of the founders of the Federation Aikido Aikikai of Russia (FAAR).

The history of the club "Citi-Go-Sun" takes its beginning in 1998. Both children and adults engaged at the club. The name of the club symbolizes Japanese children's holi-day of growing up. The name of the club was chosen not casually: mainly children en-gage in our club, our hopes are connected with them. Members of our club unite such qualities, as courage, confidence, judiciousness. Guys communicate both on trainings, and in informal conditions, go on hikes, celebrate together holidays and birthdays, have a rest together.

The senior instructor of the club "Citi-Go-Sun" : Dovgal S.S. - II Dan Aikido Aikikai.

The instructors of the club "Citi-Go-Sun" : Gorbachyov E.G., Bratus D.V., Bitulev V.J., Shabelnikov A.V., Kucherkov A.V.

Contact phones: You can receive the additional information about the club by phones 109-24-65 , 543-53-15 or by e-mail [email protected] .